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(they always said that sex would change you)

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Oh, ridiculousness
So I've got an account on OkCupid, in which I list myself as male but under "Most personal thing I'm willing to admit" I say, "I'm an FTM transsexual. So if you're cruising for a well-hung top, then just keep moving, cuz these are not the droids you're looking for." It seems to work pretty well as a filter, including catching the eye of a few outliers for whom that makes me more interesting rather than less.

Anyway, I came home around midnight and checked my email, to find an OkCupid message from a bisexual 18-year-old music student. In essence: "Want to hook up? :D"

"Sounds good to me," I wrote back, because I aspire to be easy.

A minute later a chat window pops up. In essence: "Want to hook up RITE NAO?? :D :D"

Haha, yeah right, kid. It's midnight and I just got home from an S&M party, not going out again. So we chatted for a bit, and then came this gem...

Him: so how big are u?
Me: big as in...?
Him: lol how big is ur dick
Me: .....about an inch.
Me: Did you miss the part where I'm a trannie?
Him: wut


Him: i think i would have remembered that

I'm sure if you'd read my profile, you would have.


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Haha, I'm on OK Cupid too. The "most secret thing" is near the bottom of the profile. Do you think some silly young thing browsing for sex is going to read to the bottom?

On the plus side, lesbians usually do a great job of reading the entire profile to check for compatibility. On the minus side (for me), most lesbians are rocking the butch/androgynous/plain look. :sighs:

P.S. check out the post I just made. Miyazaki!!!

Also, why did I get a recaptcha quiz (only on your LJ and no one else's)?? I could barely read that crap.

Because I upped the anti-spam measures. I'd been getting crap ad posts from stupid Russians. =/

Oh, you can do that? How? I'm SO SICK of the Russian spam.

It's somewhere in the privacy settings? I forget exactly, but apparently I'm going to have to do it for the Rassaku account too, because as of this morning they've found me there as well. >: (((((((

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