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Brave New World

(they always said that sex would change you)

Gabriel, last I checked
25 April 1985
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Quick summary of me -- 25 years old, graduated in '06 with a degree in Japanese. Currently living in Tokyo with my BFF, teaching ESLz to pay the billz and doing any number of unproductive things in my off hours. If you live in Tokyo and found this journal via fandom, I would be delighted to meet you.

I used to be a translator for DramaQueen, a Houston-based publishing company that licenses yaoi (for the uninitiated, that's "Japanese gay porn") until it went under. I also have a webpage with reviews of the numerous non-Japanese gay books I've read, provisionally titled The Gay Fiction Booklist That Doesn't Suck.

My hobby is gay fiction -- reading it, writing it, and translating it, with varying degrees of enthusiasm -- and that's mostly what I blog about. I also write about my adventures in Japan, which usually involve linguistic hijinks or trying to pull hot boys in the gay district or both at the same time. There's the occasional unfunny post about things in this world that get me down, but in general though, when life stops being funny is when I stop blogging it.